ID Carding

Getting a drink is difficult for under 21s, thanks to carding. But it becomes ridiculous when not just adults, but senior adults are made to prove they are over 21 when it is patently obvious.

The local paper had a story about a 71 yr old visiting professor who was refused a beer because he hadn’t his passport with him and therefore couldn’t prove he was over 21. That is just idiotic.

But apparently in New Mexico there is a statute 60-7B-5 which makes restaurant and shop servers comply with this “Annoy and Depress Customers Act of 1981,” last revised in 1985. (I love that name)

The writer of that story bemoaned the fact that being made to prove his age made him aware of his advancing years, which he didn’t like to be reminded of.

I was carded once when I was in my sixties, but it was a compliment. We were going on the Big Eye, London’s ferris wheel over the Thames, and I asked for two senior tickets. You had to be over 60. So it was quite nice to be asked “Could I please see your ID.”



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