It took a bit of dash & dawdle but we got it together at last. The Pueblo Film Festival was a great success, according to those who attended.

It started with a fine presentation on Pueblos in the Media, all the way from Edison’s 1898 one minute film: Isleta Day School, through to 2013 with clips showing Pueblo villages and landscapes. Some films were an awful parody of Indian life, others hysterically bad visions of hippies digging up Acoma Sky City, even Anthony Quinn portraying a drunken Indian – Flap – which film was kicked out of the Pueblo when they realized what it was about.

Jonathan Sims took us through music videos, journalism, e-mail and finally digital interviews with young Pueblo people. The future filmmakers of the Pueblo world.

Generally speaking the film industry is welcomed onto Pueblo land, as, according to Zia Pueblo, it is a clean industry. And it pays well.

And wow, look at the scenery and the sun. A cinematographer’s dream.

More blogs will follow on the other sessions – environmental films, Pueblo women, etc. And you can go to Facebook: 2nd Annual Pueblo Film Festival for more comments.

You should have been there. We even had popcorn!




3 thoughts on “#24 2nd ANNUAL PUEBLO FILM FESTIVAL

  1. I’m interested in whether you have read, “The Man Who Killed The Deer” and whether you feel it gives a true portrayal of the Pueblo culture. I taught a course in Native American literature when I taught high school and included it as the main novel we read.

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    1. Yes, it is one of the best written by a non-Indian. We can even recognize which Pueblo is the setting. Frank Waters wrote several books about the Pueblo people. The ceremony of bringing the kill home is still done today when the deer or whatever is welcomed as one of the family and ‘fed’ cornmeal and thanked for giving the family the food, clothing and utensils – every part is used.
      I’m currently rereading his “Masked Gods” which is very much of its time, but again, gives an accurate (if rather outdated) picture of Pueblo life.

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