Non-Regional Diction or My Haff & Haahf Aaahksence

Oi caahnt think of anything to say in my odd aksent as Oi was bawn in jolly old London, but grew up in Nieu Yohk.
My Yankee friends at school liked to heah me say this:

It made me laaf
To see the caaf
Go down the paath
To take a baath
An hour and a haaf ago.

And when I was a dialect coach for The Importance of Being Ernest, I had an orful time getting the actors to say ‘Aahnt’ Augusta instead of ‘Ant’!

She isn’t a small, black insect, I cried. To no avail.

Akchaley, growing up in the States, I got the American ‘arr’ as in ‘dooruh’ instead of ‘daw,’ but I neva lost the British pronunciation of ‘a’ as in ‘aafta the daahnse.’

And I still drive on the motorway, and park in the car paahk.

My husband says we are two people divided by a common language.


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