Yesterday when I was writing this, I should have been getting everything sorted out and ready to take to the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center for the Film Festival this weekend. I have to take all the volunteer t-shirts off their hangers – I used them as my show-and-tell at the TEDxYouthABQ last weekend. And get down the platters, napkins, and sort out the baskets for the green room snacks. But, instead, I sat down at the computer and wrote this.

I always read the Horror-scopes in the paper, for a laugh. And some of them are pinned to my clippings wall that I told you about in #20.

One says “Your inventive mind is abaze with new ideas. [It has to be in order to keep up the blog-a-day, doesn’t it?] It’s about time you took your intelligence seriously. [I like that part] Get organized.”

So that’s all for today. If I get organized, I’ll write #22 tonight – oh, no. Have to do it this afternoon; we’re out at a lecture tonight.

No wonder I procrastinate – should I do #22 now, while I’m here? or after I organize the IPCC supplies?

Watch this space!



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