The Dog Ate My Homework Cornbread

My delightful young neighbor was spending a few hours with me because her school was closed for Veteran’s Day. We spent a happy hour taking the luscious red seeds out of some of the huge, red pomegranates, so ripe they were already splitting, allowing easy access to their scarlet bounty.

And the seeds were spitting their red juice – all up the cabinet doors and, despite the apron, on our clothes. We munched spoonsful as we worked. (I know that is correct but ‘spoonfuls’ sounds much better, don’t you think?)

Then we baked some cornbread for me to take to the next day’s Pueblo feast day. This isn’t just any old cornbread, but blue cornbread that won a blue ribbon at the State Fair! It bakes in 8 minutes in the microwave.

We made three lovely loaves that were cooling on racks when Amy came to collect Sophia. She happily took home with her a bag of pomegranate seeds and one of the cornbreads.

About ten minutes later Amy and Sophia rang the doorbell. Sophia said:  My dog Ginger ate the cornbread.

Well, I laughed and hugged her. I thought, such a joker; the usual excuse was ‘The dog ate my homework’ ; according to the comics, anyway. But she said: No, he really ate it.

Apparently Ginger reached up and took it off the kitchen counter, tore open the plastic baggie and had at the bread. She had never taken ordinary bread like that, which just shows what a connoisseur she is.

Sadly I couldn’t give them one of the other cornbreads, so they settled for the recipe which I wrote out there and then.

I suppose you could say it was a kind of Home Work, but I hope they can keep the next batch away from the dog.



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