NoBloPoMo #13 Bad Friday

#13 Bad Friday

I only had bad luck because of Friday the 13th one time. It was a long time ago, but I still remember.

I was a copy typist working for a business where the employees traveled a lot. One of my jobs was to type the itineraries. On a manual typewriter, no electricity or self correcting yet.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but this one was pages long and I had to make 12 copies. On the typewriter. Carbon copies. Remember them? Every time you made a mistake you had to rub it out on 12 carbon copies before you could type in the correct letter or word. And OK, I admit it, I did make mistakes from time to time.

I thought I had seen the last of that long, detailed itinerary, but no such luck.

He suddenly discovered he was booked to fly one leg on Friday the 13th. Horrors!

The whole itinerary had to be rebooked, and muggins here had to retype the whole thing. That Friday the 13th was a really Bad Friday. You secretaries today don’t know how lucky you are!


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