NOBLOPOMO #8 Anyone for Liver?


La Miche liver

“MB needs iron!” That’s how it started.

The girls had a cause. “We have to feed her liver”

The 66 Diner here in Albuquerque has liver and onions on the menu, so we decided to hold a lunch party there. I called ahead to be sure there would be enough liver for the six of us. “No problem,” I was told.

Five of us piled into a booth one afternoon; one of our group was missing but we decided she’d be there. She was the one who started it, after all. Actually we did include one non-liver eater, but the rest of us were looking forward to this restorative meal.

The waitress looked so cute in her blue dress and white apron, with her little white hat perched on her curls. She had a pile of menus on her arm but before she reached our booth we said, “We don’t need those, we’re all having liver and onions.” “All of you?” She was amazed. “Well,” (apologetically) “we’ll take one menu for this lady.” (I can’t remember what she had.)

The waitress went to give our orders and almost as soon as she had gone into the kitchen, out came the chef. He just stood there looking at us with a stunned expression on his face.

Before long we were enjoying huge portions of nicely cooked, delicious liver when a waitress approached us. “Are you the Liver Lovers’ Lunch Club?” This time she wore a bemused expression. We allowed as how we were. “There’s a phone message for you – your friend can’t make it.”

The woman at the next table had stopped eating to listen and looking over to us said “I love liver, can I join?”

That was only the beginning.

LLLC with Chef Claus

We’ve enjoyed Chef Claus’s liver at La Miche, fegato a la Venicienne at a friend’s home, chicken liver pate, and anything else we can think of. A few months ago I had a huge helping of chopped liver in LA at the famous Canters deli.

phone july 17 2015 009

The LLLC hasn’t met for a bit and I’m getting my liver craving on, so I’d better send out an invitation before long.

Anyone care to join us?


3 thoughts on “NOBLOPOMO #8 Anyone for Liver?

  1. And how happy Brian and I were that WE introduced you to Canter’s here in Los Angeles, so you could eat your beloved liver! We had a ball! 😉


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