In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ornate.”

I have these two friends, Ethan and Nathen. They’re identical twins, and I mean really identical. The proverbial peas in the pod.

So one day one of them hailed me outside the coffee shop. “Hey, girl, wassup?”

We had a chat, had a hug, and went our separate ways.

And I’m still not sure whether it was Ethan, or Nate.

2 thoughts on “OR NATE

    1. Actually if I took your truth serum I would have to admit I made it up, but I couldn’t resist. It came into my head around 3am and I had to get up and post it before I forgot.

      Thank you for commenting. i’m lacking comments on my NoBloPoMo blogs, but so far have been keeping up. Fishing yesterday, liver today. Gosh, I just realized I missed the chicken liver connection between those. You’ll have to read them to get it.

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