#2 Pomegranates – Food for the Gods

2: Pomegranates – the Food of Gods (after Ambrosia)

Well, we’re certainly not gods, but we are blessed with a pomegranate bush. The first one planted about 5 years ago just died; when we had a Garden Party to celebrate the first birthday of our zeriscape/wildlife backyard, I just called it a Japanese Stick Tree.

The replacement took root immediately and we were delighted to see beautiful red blossoms appear. Incidentally, the so-called Squash Blossom on those gorgeous Native American necklaces is actually a Pomegranate Blossom. Think of stuffed squash blossoms in fancy restaurants. But who cares?

The first year we were excited to get two fruits; four the next year, and last year 22! I am now picking and picking and giving away right, left and center. We had more than 40 and there are still over 20 on the tree.

There are so many that the branches are bent low to the ground so some fruits have sat on the ground and because they split when ripe, a bit of mildew crept in. But these wonderful fruits have padding and paperlike dividers throughout so though one section might be yucky, the seeds on the other side of the ‘wall’ are protected and are in great shape.

And great taste. I like just crunching them by the spoonful and the salad tonight will have a sprinkling; they add such lovely color. I once watched a juice salesman cut one in half and using a mechanical juicer produce delicious fresh pomegranate juice. I shall have to try that as I can’t see buying the expensive Pom bottles, cute though they are, with my bounty.

Pomegranates in the supermarket are big, painted red and cost about $4 each. Ours are big, a natural bright red, and free. Food for the Gods? Maybe not, but shop-bought versus homegrown? Heavenly.


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